A new specialist winter sports media platform is launching that plans to connect ski resorts, destinations, hotels and tour operators with journalists and editors.

Part of the Mountain Trade Network group MOTEX (Mountain Online Trade Exchange), MOTEX Media plans to run a week of virtual press events that enables journalists to hear the kind of news they need in a time when physical events aren’t taking place.

Ski Press has been appointed as the media partner to help journalists sign up for the event.

The first MOTEX MEDIA event is planned for July with the first week set aside for presentations and the second for one to one meetings.

Current schedule plan (subject to change), July:

Week 1 (July 20 – 24) will see up to three presentations per day from resorts, companies and other organisations from the mountain industry. These presentations will be delivered virtually via zoom to a selected audience of media professionals and MTN members that have signed up.

Week 2 (July 27 – 31) will see all attendees of MOTEX Media able to pre-schedule one to one video meetings via the MTN platform, so media and presenting resorts and organisations can connect to discuss the developments and news for the coming year in more detail.

James Gambrill, founder of the Mountain Trade Network, said:

We’ve developed a platform for members of the winter sports industry that’s perfectly set up to host resorts, destinations, tour operators and other winter sports businesses to easily interact with the media to host virtual launch events. As travel starts to open up once again, we think July is the ideal time for companies to start engaging with journalists about what their winter season looks like, but we are also planning other dates during the year too.

All events are free to attend for registered media.

Subscribe for MOTEX Media via this online form.
Once you are signed up, you’ll receive details of the sessions that are scheduled.
Only journalists that sign up for MOTEX media will receive these communications.

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