• 4 new road cycling holidays for all level of cyclists
  • Ride with YouTube cyclist Luis Scott
  • Trip for cyclists that want to go extra slowly with the Jolly Good Velo
  • E-road cycling around Tuscany
  • Road Cycling in Italy for the Middle Aged Cyclist

Italy ski and cycle specialist, Inspired Italy, has launched a number of brand new holidays for summer 2022 that offer road cyclists a variety of options depending on their fitness levels and ambitions.

The trips are aimed at the 45 to 65 age group but aren’t age restricted in any way.

The holidays include a week with YouTube cycling instructor, Luis Scott, a week with Leonard Lee (YouTube The Jolly Good Velo), e-road cycling Grand Tour of Tuscany and Road Cycling in Italy for the Middle Aged Cyclist.

All of the holidays are run by the experienced team at Inspired Italy, led by Tim Hudson, a British skier, cyclist and hang-glider pilot who set up the business 2012, with Dolomite ski safaris in the winter and Tuscan wine and bike tours during the summer.

These new holidays focus more specifically on the road cycling market and they include personal FTP tests using the Magnetic Days training system.

Managing Director of Inspired Italy, Tim Hudson, said:

“I have always had a bike but I have never considered myself a cyclist. At 61 that changed. I have multiple road bikes, mountain bikes and I even have a smart trainer which I love. And I have friends, good friends who are cyclists. So having a tour operator business I wanted to curate new cycling experiences for the middle aged cyclist, people like me in the heart of Italy, a truly perfect setting for a great cycling experience”.


Ride with YouTube cyclist Luis Scott
June 4th, 2022.
Cost: From £1,875 per person, including 7 nights half-board accommodation, airport transfer, 6 rides with Luis, local excursions, maximum 12 cyclists. Join Luis for a week of fully guided rides on the quiet rural roads of Tuscany and Umbria, with six days of social cycling and a blend of Italian culture, food, wine and company.
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Road Cycling in Italy for the Middle Aged Cyclist
Dates throughout May to October 2022.
Cost: from £1,586 per person including 7 nights half board accommodation, guiding, bike rental and much more.
It’s about keeping healthy for longer. It’s about a personal challenge, riding a little faster, a bit further and maybe taking on rides that you wouldn’t normally consider. It’s exploring your older body and having a good heart.
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Leonard Lee, The Jolly Good Velo
Dates in May and September.
Cost: £1,875 per person for 8 days guided cycling, half-board accommodation, cycle hire (with electric option), airport transfers, wine tasting. Social cycling in rural Italy with YouTube cyclist Leonard Lee. Swap stories, enjoy the terrain and take on the odd hill challenge too.
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GIROe Grand Tour of Tuscany
September 24 and October 8, 2022.
Cost: from £2,147 per person, 7 nights including accommodation, breakfast, selected meals, guiding, bike rental, wine tasting and much more.
400km road cycle tour of Tuscany that will push riders hard but with the help of an eBike.
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About Magnetic Days

Magnetic Days athletes are taking advantage of a deeper understanding and mapping of the cyclist’s power output and how to improve it, revolutionising the concept of the smart trainer. The Jarvis HTT methodology is born of 35 man-years of science, research and development and is the first smart training system to use a truly technological approach to indoor structured training.

Through the careful measurement and understanding of Force and RPM, each athlete improves their own physiological and a significant boost to power output and increased watts.

The Magnetic Days Jarvis HTT methodology is inspired by Iron Man, the legendary Marvel hero. In the real world “iron man” means triathlon. Like the science of the movie Magnetic Days Jarvis HTT technology is constantly monitoring each workout session measuring these key factors:

  1. Power (Watt) is the result of….
  2. RPM (Revolution per Minute) or cadence
  3. Force (Netwon/meters) and the application of force throughout the peddling cycle
  4. Heart Rate
  5. Time Modulation

This is the Magnetic Days Jarvis HTT: Performance Beyond the Watt

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