• Owners of jacket and trousers can return them after use and they will be turned into new product
  • This creates a closed circle that is 100% sustainable
  • A NFC (near field communication) tag is used to create a digital twin of the product to track its entire product life

Maier Sports has launched the Design2Recycle and Recycle2Design concept to develop products that can be recycled at the highest quality after use. They can then be fed back into the supply chain, creating new products from the recycled materials.

The idea behind it is a 100% sustainable, future-oriented clothing concept with a completely closed cycle for trousers, jackets and shirts. New, equivalent Maier Sports products are created from old ones, referred to as ‘upcycling’.

Single Origin Products With NFC Communication

The cycle starts with the development of a product, without compromising on quality and performance. The goal of the circular economy is planned and documented from the beginning for every single production step, for every smallest component, through assembly to recycling and reuse. Each product has a special NFC (Near Field Communication) tag that contains detailed information of the material used, and in partnership with the innovative service and platform specialist, XiPHOO, users can scan and view their products to see its history, its composition and other useful details.

The Return System

After the initial sale, the use and expiry of the garment at the very end of its lifecycle, the consumer brings the product to the sorting and recycling process via a take-back system. The sorting system recognizes which material is involved via the NFC tag. This makes the separation, sorting and recycling processes much more effective and at the same time ensures the high quality of the recycle process.

High Quality New Yarn After Recycling

A high-quality new yarn is created from the textile raw material obtained in this way. New fabrics are woven, and the product development department creates new Maier Sports products. The goal is to drastically reduce the consumption of fossil raw materials and at the same time massively increase the use of recycled raw materials. Upcycling turns an old product into a fully-fledged new product within the supply chain. A 100% sustainable product cycle.


XIPHOO is a platform for brand manufacturers and retailers that allows a digital twin to be created for each product that accompanies the product over its entire lifecycle. The services possible via the platform range from marketing activities – for example direct contact with end customers via smartphone, to combating product piracy through authentication, to sustainability solutions in which second use and high-quality recycling can be ensured. The solutions for a practicable circular economy.

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